Jea Band was established in 1936 by Sh. Jealalji Thadani. The Legend succeeded at various locations in India He set foot on. He, along with his sons is known to have changed the face of Brass Band in India. His sons actively performed in the band and successfully took over the three branches in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi.


Mr. Motilalji Thadani (Owner of (Hind) Jea Band, Ahmedabad, Gujarat) known to be a great Accordion Player, won hearts of many with his melodious tunes. He was always known for being a perfectionist. On one hand being a Disciplinary ensuring His troupe displayed thorough Dedication, Confidence and Clean and Complete Attire in every wedding they performed. On the other hand, making the meetings with the Wedding Couple and Their Family a Fun Filled Experience. His knowledge and love for Music made him a great Teacher, encouraging every Band Member to master their respective instrument and play different forms of music encompassing various cultures with utmost enthusiasm and creativity.


His would personally visit the Wedding Baraat, which encouraged the Musicians to give their best performance hence guaranteeing that every Baraati danced with utmost joy.


His dedication towards the Government Programms gave the Legendary Band a respectable place among the officials. Last but not the least, the Band got opportunities to perform for various Celebrities; be it their Wedding of Bollywood or TV.


Jea Band has not been just a Company, but a Family Member personalizing every Baraat to Perfection. This, has brought the Famous Band to a Level unmatched by many.


Sh. Motilalji shall always remain with the Legendary Band as his teachings are virtually engraved in each member of the band ensuring that the quality and personalization remains the way it always has been.

Why us:
Jea Band is known for Creative Designs for the Band Members' Uniforms. Each season promises its customers a brand new range of uniforms ranging from Traditional Band Uniform to Heavy Indo-Westerns. Jea Band offers various colour options to coordinate with the Theme Weddings.
Timing is of essence for every Band performance as Jea Band is known for arriving on time and for leaving on time.

Jea Band Musicians come from various states of India which gives a wide variety of music options to the Baraaties to dance upon.
Rehearsals are regularly conducted to ensure that new songs are ready for the upcoming season and it also helps groom every band member.
Jea Band Travels around India for Wedding Programs thus reaching out to each and every Family that wishes to have Jea Band Perform at their Wedding.
Last but not the least, Jea Band has not been just a Company, but a Family Member personalizing every Baraat to Perfection.
This, has brought the Famous Band to a Level unmatched by many.

Not Just Band Baaja


With the changing times, Jea Band has evolved as a Baraat Procession Planner.

To make the Wedding Planning easy for the Bride & Groom, Jea Band also provides the following

  • Chariots

  • Horse

  • Elephant

  • Chandliers

  • Floral Decoration

  • Mobile Mocktail Bar

  • Vintage Cars

  • Variation in Music for Pre & Post Wedding Function (e.g. D.J., Orchestra, Shehnai, Folk Music & Dancers, Fauji Bagbiper Band, etc)

  • Safas

  • Doli for Dulhan

  • All Girls Live Band (Stage Program)

  • Security

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