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When It All Began… Year 1936

​​Jea Band was established in 1936 by Sh. Jealalji Thadani. The Legend succeeded at various locations in India He set foot on. He, along with his sons is known to have changed the face of Brass Band in India. His sons actively performed in the band and successfully took over the three branches in Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi.

In the year 1936, Sh. Jealalji Thadani started a Brass Band with a group of young musicians, training them as they performed at weddings.

Sh. Jealalji loved music and believed very firmly in maintaining Discipline and providing Quality Work. These two aspects became the Prime Foundation of Jea Band.

His Love for music did not permit him to limit the services of Jea Band to just one city. He moved his trade to Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Delhi. History has it that the Legend succeeded at every location he set foot on.

From the day of establishment Jea Band members are recognized for their Discipline and Confidence in their March along with a Complete and Clean Attire.

Sh. Jealalji earned most of his recognition in forms of Medals and Certificates from well known Industrialists and Royal Families.

One of the most Glorious moments for Jea Band was in 1972 when it was invited to perform at the Republic Day Parade.

Jea Band was one of the first Brass Bands to be invited for religious processions of Gangaur, Teej, Sikh Gurus, Jain Sang, and Ganesh Chaturthi.

Till date Jea Band is always honoured with the responsibility of the main Jhanki (Tableau) in every procession.

As Sh. Jealalji took his last breath in 1981, He passed on the legacy to his three sons.

Sh. Hiralalji took the responsibility of Delhi
Sh. Motilalji took the responsibility of Ahmedabad
Sh. Kishanlalji took the responsibility of Jaipur
The three brothers successfully took the Legendary Band to the next level……

Sh. Motilal Thadani (1947-2017)

Ahmedabad (Guj.)

Sh. Motilalji Thadani (Owner of (Hind) Jea Band, Ahmedabad, Gujarat) known to be a Great Accordion Player, won hearts of many with his Melodious Tunes.He was a Disciplinary ensuring His troupe displayed thorough Dedication, Confidence and Clean and Complete Attire in every wedding they performed.

On the other hand, making the meetings with the Wedding Couple and Their Family a Fun Filled Experience.

His Passion for Music and his Company made him a Great Teacher for the band members and for the entire management staff. He would Personally Visit the Wedding Baraat, which Encouraged the Musicians to give their best performance hence guaranteeing that every Baraati danced with utmost joy.

His dedication towards the Government Programmes gave the Legendary Band a respectable place among the officials.

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